Satire Censored By Youtube

This is Politic Shit – A Swedish satire show I have made several episodes about. Here is the latest episode, which is also the shortest of them all. I couldn’t upload it to youtube, because it was deleted for “bullying”, so I post it here instead. All my videos from Youtube will be having a backup here at my blog in case of determination again.

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First Bath This Summer

I am with my dad in Malmö and today I was enjoying this fantastic swim in the sea at Ribbersborg’s Beach! The first bath of the year! It was a beautiful weather and the water was very comfortable.

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Reposting to the old youtube channel

My burlesque-compilation uploaded even to my restored old Youtube-Channel. What do you think about it?

00:00 – 01:52 Channel: Burlesquefest Video: Lydia DeCarllo – The 6th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

01:52 – 03:49 Link: Gabe Duval Video:

03:29 – 05:52 Channel: Loki Asgard Video: ACen 2014 Bubble Pop Burlesque Act VI(w/ Azula)

05:52 – 07:46 Channel: Kenny Hoff Video: 11 Jessabelle Thunder – #WOMANOPOLYSF​ Brunch at Jolene’s Bar 3-1-2020

07:46 – 10:05 Channel: Valentina Orbit Video: Hoop Burlesque Wedding Performance

10:05 – 11:40 Channel: PA Burlesque Festival Video:

11:40 – 13:58 Channel: Burlesquefest Video: Angi B Lovely – The 3rd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

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This is fantastic! After two years fight against Youtube, they decided to restore my old channel! Thank you! Enjoy the old videos!

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New Week Ahead

Yaaaaay! I’ve had a very nice weekend and now I will soon go to sleep for a new week at work. I look forward to it. I’ve been working on several stuff lately. Some of them is a video in 4K with almost all of my map. Almost. It took over 17 hours to render the video. The music in the background is all made by me as well. Here is the video. Enjoy it.

I have also been working on some book covers. Here they are. Which one do you prefer?

The writing of the novel takes a while, but I’ve just made some progress. I also want to thank all my new followers who started to like my page this days. Yaaaaay!

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Some old And New Stuff

I found some old images I’ve forgotten to show you. Here they are. From my time in Östra Grevie College. What do you thiink?

And here are a completely new sketch I made at midnight today. I am very satisfied with this one.

I am enjoying the summer and feel that I have finally got peace in my soul after the hypomanic period. Now I am back at work and I work as usual again. Last week was quite bad time at work. I did not work fast enough and had a hard time to concentrate and I was very stressed: Now I seem to recover from that period. I have also been starting to write more on my novel this weekend. Each day I at least make some additional text to the novel. I am at page 9 right now.

Have a great summer, my dear followers and take care! Bye!

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Gaga Compilation

This is my favourite pictures and images of Lady Gaga. She’s so cool! Enjoy!

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Back To Work Again

I have recently been discussing with my psychiatrist about my levels of stress and my mania, and probably I will be investigated for Bipolarity. I will also be exchanging a new medicine to my prescription. My psychiatrist thought I would be fit for work tomorrow, so now I am preparing with food, sleep and all that, you know.

A couple of days ago I brought some new drawing and painting material. Hopefully I will use it and develop my technique. Here’s a little surprise for you. I had almost forgotten about it myself. A special enchanted music lyric video for my Swedish Song “Kurdistans Sång.” Enjoy it and please come with some feedback on it!

Peace! <3

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The Name Of The Rose

Surprise! “The Name Of The Rose” is back on my blog with both Swedish and English subtitles! Feel free to watch it down below here here and enjoy your Friday evening with some snacks and soda. This is a chilling and scary tale and it’s perfect for a dark friday night! Peace!

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New Orchestral Stuff

Hello! Here is a little playlist with the most of my orchestral material I’ve made. Some of it might be familiar, and some of it is completely unpublished before. Enjoy it everyone! Peace!

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A Dream Coming True

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