First Kill – Orchestral Cover


An orchestral cover I’ve made on “First Kill”, by Swedish Melodeath band Amon Amarth. Enjoy!

The original music video can be found here!

A Great Adventure


This is one of my orchestral songs that I am very satisfied with. Enjoy it!

Den Sista Striden – By Love And Anni


Today I finally finished the two year project written by my friend and collaborator Anni Naomi. She has a blog at

“Den Sista Striden” or, “The Last Battle” was originally written by Anni. She wrote the text and the song melody. I added the instruments and recorded my song. So here it is. Enjoy!

Please don’t forget to check out her page at

Sad News


Last weekend, my grandfather passed away. He became 88 years old and died after being hospitalized for a broken hip and a some broken ribs. I was shocked by this tragic news. At the same time I was lucky to meet him one last time the last summer. And I got his beautiful pipe as a gift, as I wrote some weeks ago. I am very satisfied that I met him one last time. I hope he will rest in peace, together with my grandmother.

Hans Bengtsson
1933 – 2021

Good news.


I have some news. They are good for you. And bad for me. From now on, everything is back to normal on my page. You cannot buy anything either from my Facebook store or my shop and you cannot become a member either. I made this decition due to the technical issues I’ve been recieving with Klarna, Stripe, Woocommerce and Paid Memberships pro. So from now on, you can see everything on my blog. No restrictions! Isn’t that good?

Some changes being made


You might be wondering where that burlesque video is? And where all my music is? And where are all my documents? The answer is, they are on my blog, but unfortunately, you will have to pay for them now by your monthly membership subscription. It is not expensive. But this was a decition I had to make, not because I liked it. My economy is a bit harsh at the moment and I will need all the extra money I can get. I am sorry for this and hope that you will enjoy my blog in any case! And, please! Don’t forget to subscribe! There are three levels to choose from. And all pages and posts effected by this levels will be ad free! Cool, eh?

However, this is only a temporary limitation. When my economy is better, I will make everything free again. I promise. Peace!

What must I do?


My economy is in turmoil because of the unpaid vaccation I enjoyed last month. Therefore, I will live on a quarter of my normal sallary. A very big source of economic trouble is when I distribute my music to Spotify and other platforms. Several times I have uploaded it, and then I get in economic trouble and delete it to recieve my refunds. Now I ask my fans. Should I delete my music from stores to get the money back? If so, that will be permanently. Or should I try something else and continue to have my music available? Vote about it and I will decide what I should do. Thank you.

Det går bra nu


Så var man färdig med kapitel 11 på manuset. Jag firade det ikväll med lite tapas. Jag är väldigt nöjd och stolt. Det känns som att ju mer man skriver desto mer vill man fortsätta skriva. Men ju mer sällan man skriver desto svårare blir det att komma igång igen. Är det någon som känner igen sig i det där?

Just nu ligger jag bekvämt i min säng och lyssnar på åskan, blixtarna och regnet. Det är väldigt mysigt.

A project with a friend


Finally I have started to work on a song with my friend Anni, who have a blog at We are creating a metal song together. Anni have written the melody and the lyrics and I will make the instrumental part and record the song to it. It will be much fun. Anni shares everything between earth and sky on her blog. Al from beutiful Selfies, professional nature photographing, lyrics and songs that she’ve made. Both metal, hiphop and other styles. She also writes novels in the same genre as I do. Please follow her and give her some likes and comments. You will not be disappointed.

In the meantime, I have just re-made the book cover. You can see the latest version here.