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My name is Love Eliasson and I am a 25 year old from the little village of Tyringe in Skåne in Sweden. Now, I live in Hässleholm, and have just embraced my first apartment. For now, I work at the municipality, practising different jobs nearby. I grew up in the little village Matteröd nearby. In 1995, the first of december, I was born at BB in Malmö. The first months I lived with my mother and father in Malmö, but later we moved to the little village Matteröd. I was three years old when my mother and father separated.During my and my mothers first time in Matteröd, life was a bit hard. My mother worked night time at a resident for disabled and we were quite poor. Since then my mother has a new family, and a she is married with a new man, who is just just as much father to me, as my biological father. Together they have two sons.

Every second weekend I visit my father in Ystad. First he lived in Malmö, but he moved to Ystad after getting married with another woman. Together they have one son. We have it quite good now, but the journey has been hard. I have Tourettes, ADHD, Aspergers Bipolar Disorder. I also have a stuttering problem since I was six years old. Basically all my nine years in basic school was a hard time, with outbursts, agressions and conflicts.My time at High School was the best time of my life. I was a great student, with good grade in history, society, art, swedish and geography. My weak spot was math and sports. My burning interest for history, society and politics, ended with a stipendia 2015. My life was at the top.

Between spring 2016 and summer 2018 I was working at different jobs at different places, all from gardening, to mounting and cleaning. But for now I am searching for a new job and a place to live. Between the summer 2018 and the summer 2019 I was living at a boarding school At Östra Grevie Folkhögskola. At my free time I have been painting and drawing since I was small. I am basically self learned, but not always satisfied with my pictures. I’m a realist, likes epic and fiction art, most about fantasy, fairytales, history and action. My great dream is to become a great fantasy author.

During the latest years I have also been making music in the Heavy Metal genre. It’s all made in the computor, since I cannot play any instrument. My father learned me about scale and harmony. This is me and my life. This is Love Eliasson. I hope this page will be entertaining to be a part of. Don’t be afraid to come with constructive criticism. It will always be appreciated. Please also visit my blog https://loveeliasson.blog

Best regards/Love Eliasson



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