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My name is Love Eliasson and I am a 25 year old young man from Sweden. I have a vision to become a fantasy author one day. I also make music and drawings as well. Welcome to my blog!

Nytt Hopp

Jag bestämde mig idag för att lägga mitt misslyckade bokprojekt på hyllan. Jag hade kommit till sidan 149. Har ni ofta hamnat i problem med att ni velat göra en alldeles för stor berättelse, med för många sidospår som förstör den röda tråden? Detta är en nederlagets dag för mig, men jag är samtidigt hoppfull, eftersom jag har en ny berättelse på gång, med en betydligt mer nedbantad huvudstory och en starkare röd tråd. Jag började fundera på den på jobbet idag.

Vissa delar av storyn från den gamla finns fortfarande kvar, men alla de här onödiga sidospåren, och för många huvudkaraktärer med en nästan egen handling i sig, är nu borttaget. Ikväll ska jag påbörja det här arbetet och jag ser framemot det väldigt mycket. Har ni några tips och råd att komma med innan jag målar in berättelsen i ett hörn för femtioelfte gången i ordningen? Peace! ❤

My Map is now in 4K

Enjoy a little walkaround with my new map, now in 4K format!

Den Sista Striden – Remaster

Det här är en remaster jag gjort av den sista striden. Jag är väldigt nöjd. Vad tycker ni, då?

Ad issues

These news are very good for you, but very bad for me. The following three weeks, at least, ads will not show up on my blog. This due to a tecnical verification issue on Google Adsense. I will be back to inform you when this issue is solved. But this would surely be a good time for all of you to enjoy all of my blog, WITHOUT all these goddamn ads! Isn’t that good?


The Cartooner Per Åhlin

Here in Sweden, we have all seen his figures. The round, simple and warm figures with funny hats and long potato noses. When we see Per Åhlin’s figures, we recognise the style immideately, even if the picture itself is new to us.

Per Åhlin was born in 1931 in Hofors, Sweden, and is a professional animator of several Swedish films and series. Some of them are vary nostalgic to me.

Every Christmas, it’s not only Donald Duck and his friends that every Swedish family watches on TV. The story of Karl-Bertil Jonsson is shown every Christmas eve at 19:00 in Sweden. The story of the nerdy little rich man’s son Karl-Bertil, who unlawfully steals christmas gifts from rich people and give them to the poor, has been a Swedish TV tradition every Christmas since 1975. It has become a symbol of Swedish solidarity and the true meaning of Christmas.

1974, the movie “Dunderklumpen”, or “Thunderlump” wasa released. I loved the movie when I was a kid. I even played that I was the vilain “One-Eye” and just like he did in the movie, I made fake money and threw out the window. My mother didn’t like it, as you could expect. I also love the message. Thunderlump is a movie about lonelyness. And how people forget the meaning of friendship and start worship money instead. The “Thunderlump” was considered the first Swedish cartoon feature film, but was in fact a mixture of cartoon and live action elements, as you can see in the picture below.

In 1989, one of my favorite children movies, “The Journey to Melonia” was relieased on cinemas. It’s about a the strange exotic island with bizzarre vegetation and fruits, inhabited by the old wizard Prospero and his daughter Miranda. Miranda’s voice was starred by a young Robyn, who is now known as one of the greatest Swedish artists in the world. Anyway, Melonia is the last green and beautiful places in the world. But in the horizon there is another island, Plutonia, an island completely destroyed and poisoned by mecanics, machines and poisonous gases and machines. The vilaines on the island tries to exploit Melonia’s resourses and destroy even that island with their minds of wheels and chimneys. The story is loosely based on William Shakespear’s “The Tempest”. Meet Calliba, a man completely built by vegetables and fruits. When I was a kid, I loved to play that I was him.

Some other additional works by Per Åhlin is “Hundhotellet”, or “The Dog Hotell”, “Dieselråttor och Sjömansmöss” “Diesel rats and Sea mices.” and “In the head of an old man.”

Per Åhlin will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are some snippets of the movies where Per Åhlin did the drawing. I have also added English subtitles to them all. Enjoy!

My old domain

So, apparently, my old domain has now been purchased by a underwear store. It’s nice to see that my old domains that I don’t use anymore has come to use to somebody else, at a quite fair price as well. But don’t confuse with That would be devestating. I don’t want people asking for cheap underwear. Hahaha

Have a nice weekend!

Nya gamla sagor

Nu har jag lagt till ytterligare några av mina gamla icke färdigställda sagor. Ni kan hitta dem här och ladda ner gratis, snabbt och lätt. Som ni märker är namnet Davanius ingen ny företeelse. Jag har haft det namnet i mitt huvud i flera år och sedan dess har den ursprungliga berättelsen förändrats och utvecklats successivt. Här kan ni ta del av min första berättelse som hette Davanius. Den blev aldrig färdigställd och den har inget att göra med den berättelse jag skriver på just nu, mer än möjligen miljöerna den utspelar sig i. Enjoy.


Skrivandet är igång igen

Det var ett bra tag sedan jag skrev så mycket som jag gjort idag. Jag är nu på sidan 147 i min roman och kommer säkerligen skriva mer både idag och imorgon. Utöver det ska jag försöka göra lite teckningar. Jag har precis börjat arbeta med alfabetet till ett nytt språk som ska ha anknytning till min sagovärld och min roman. Jag vill önska er alla en fortsatt trevlig helg!


My Final Map

I made a lot of edits to the map I’ve shown you. Here’s the result. What do you think about it?

Important about the forms

Due to a little inconvenience with the request forms, I must warn you all. These forms are being used by an infamlous guy on the internet, which I have heard of before.

Yesterday I was contacted by a good person I knew very well, and he used the request form on my blog to order a portrait of him. So I finished this portrait and sent to his email. The next day, he asks why I send this to him. I understood that someone had used the request form to fill out the wrong email adress to a person he didn’t like. I apologised for the mistake and he understood that this wasn’t my fault. He was grateful that I contacted him so he was informed of this.

Therefore, I just want to send out a worning to you all and your relatives and friends. If you get strange notifications from me you havn’t asked about, that is because somebody have contacted me in your name. If I answer this mail, please don’t get angry or something, just write that you don’t remember sending me any request. Then I will understand what’s going on. Believe me, you don’t want to get in touch with this guy. He is dangerous. I know this from other occations.