With my father in Varberg

Last year I visited my fathers hometown Varberg. We rent a room in a comfortable little inn. This year we returned to the same inn in Varberg. I collected some photos I’ve taken today.

Before entering the inn, we went to my grandfather. He is now 88 years old but he still lives in the cute wooden house he has built for himself. The nature and weather around us was amazing and he’s house was full with his paintings, stache and projects, and off course his old beautiful furniture and decorative things. There was quite messy, but in a quite coozy and comfortable way. He gave me this pipe, which is very old and lacks any similar copy.

So we said goodbuy to grandfather, arrived to the inn. Then we went to the cliffs nearby the big stronghold of Varberg and took a bath in the sea of Kattegat, There were a lot of people, including beautiful women in bikinis, but the water was pretty cold. However I got used to it and went in the water two times. Then we ate at a little food place nearby, in the forest.

Tomorrow I will take photos of Varberg and the great Stronghold and everything there is, but this evening, I will just share the pictures I’ve taken today, at my Grandfathers place in the countryside. Enjoy!

My grandfather have been out sailing a lot during his years. And he also loves to paint, both paintings and colorizing his birdhouses. You will get to see them shortly.

My grandfather has become very old and a bit confused lately. He now has home service looking over him and my father, aunts and uncles are shopping food for him. But after all, he is 88 years old. He has a walker and moves slowly but he is still quite funny and clear in his head, with a lot of memories to tell about.

My Latest Art

These are some of my latest drawings. Which one do you prefer? The covers are supposed to be the poster to my fantasy novel. What do you think about them?

Rosens Namn (The Name Of The Rose)

Fiinally it’s back in the highest quality ever possible! With both Swedish and English subtitles! The Name Of The Rose!


Let Me Think About It

I would like to ask you all! What would you like to see more of from my page? Please come with some feedback and ideas you think would make my page grow and my followers more interested.

Jag skulle vilja fråga er alla! Vad skulle ni vilja se mer av från min sida? Kom gärna med feedback och idéer som ni tror skulle få min sida att växa och göra mina följare mer intresserade.

Love you all!
<3 <3 <3

Älskar er alla!
<3 <3 <3

New Blog Layout

I have now had a bit of struggle while re-organizing my website. Finally the website has a static homepage, called “Welcome”. The link to it is the same as the link to my website, loveeliasson.blog. In there you will find a link to the latest posts, the same as usual, which is also located in the menu under the title “Blog”. The link to my latest posts is loveeliasson.blog/blog.

If you may have not seen, I have also started to allow testimonials. That means, that all the feedback I choose from my facebook-page, also will be visible in the testimonials tab in the menu. All of these testimonials can be located to the reviews on my Facebook page. When you add a review on my Facebook page that I like very much, I will republish it as a new testimonial on my website.


Progress made

For now I not write very often, but when I do, I write a lot. I’m on the page 110 now and look forward to continue on my holiday which start next week. I hope I’ll reach far. Here’s me today on my way to work.


Hello. I just wanted to tell you all that I am sorry for a very inapproppriate mail you got tonight. In this mail I wrote several bad things about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. This was only a test to see if my content could be posted to Facebook, since I am blocked from there. I had no about the fact that all my email-followers will get a notification about it. So I’m sorry for that.


A Dream Coming True

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