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Important to know

Good evening! You might be wondering were all my videos and images have gone? Don’t worry, they’re still there! Unfortunately, due to personal struggly, I’ve made them hidden. You must either buy them in my store or you must subscribe with a payment account to see them. But you have the right to use my images for what purpose you may need, as long as you give me credd for it.

I’m sorry about this, but I hope you don’t hate me for this. Best regards from Love Eliasson!

Map Trouble finally solved

As you might know, I’ve spent several hours creating new maps to make the world map look better than my favourite from 2014, which you can see here.

I’ve tried and I tried, just because I don’t want that Eridan should be an ireland anymore. But after all the offert I put to make the best map ever, the one from 2014 is still the greatest map I’ve ever made.

As you can see, the map from 2014 still is the best. So I got an idea. I would change the ireland of Eridain in the computor and move it into the continent. And I succeded. Now Eridain is not an ireland anymore, but the map is still the best ever. Take a look at the result here.