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I’m a Proud Swede Today


Today history is written in Sweden. After 145 years of male prime ministers, the pairlament has finally approve our first FEMALE prime minister! This is an important symbolic path for Swedish women from centuries of discrimination and patriarchy, to a more equal and just nation.

For centuries the woman have been the very foundation of our western society. They are carrying, giving birth to and raising the children of our nation into full grown citizens. The woman have for almost two hundred years been the pillar carrying the welfare state, which has made Sweden what it is today and whom we are all very proud of. Most of the nurses, hospital employed, teachers in school and our kindergartens are women. 100 years ago, a great Swedish prime minister broke the chains of discrimination and patriarchy that have crippled the woman for eternity, by introducing their right to vote. But 100 years later, the woman is still not free. She has come far for sure, but that is not enough. The woman still has a lower income for the same work, as a man. She is still suffering sexual objectification and destructive norms and 99 percent of all rapes are men raping women.

Magdalena Andersson, from the Social Democratic party is our first female prime minister and because of that, I am very proud to be a Swede today. She has a lot of work to do. I did not vote for her party and will not vote for her party next year either, but still, I wish her the best luck and I have no doubt that her political decisions will be an act of good will, what she think is best for the people. Both in those matters we disagree and do not disagree. There are few political parties I believe would have any bad intention with our country.

May Magdalena Andersson and her party grow and heal the wounds of our devided country and may the force be with you all. Even if quit my job today, I will still be happy over this historical moment tomorrow when I celebrate my 26th birthday.

Destroy the Stock Market


The latest days, the Stock Market has been a hot subject in Sweden. The Stock Market fell with three percent! Three percent!!! Oh, my god! That’s terrible! In a few days we will have 50 percent unemployement and the population will starve, run around on the streets and eat eachother.

Well, no. Offcourse not. There is no reason to worry about the Stock market if you don’t invest in it yourself. The only people affected by the stock, is people that invest in stock. And those are a clear minority of the people. Now you might say that a lot of people actually invest in stock, more than I may think. Well, yes, that’s possible. But nobody have to invest in stock to make a living. How should these people make a living then? Well, there is only one very simple answer to that question. Earn your own money. Don’t invest to profit on others money. Most people have a job they go to to for a living. You should really try that like the rest of the population.

But there is no job. No, there isn’t very much of jobs today, but it’s still easier to get a job with a legit sallary, than make the same profit on some stock investments. And all these jobs out there are basically not affected at all by the stock market. Stock market is based on the concept of creating money from other’s money, by investing in their company. If the company makes a high profit, the investor will get a higher profit as well, to take out from the company. Now, please tell me how a company cannot make profit without sharing it’s profits with others? Exactly, it doesn’t make sense, does it? So how on earth would the economy, and the companies fall just because the stock value is sinking? It’s rather the stock itself that are affected by the companies, not the opposite. So no matter how much the media writes about those terrible and traumatic disasters in the Stockholm Stock Market, it doesn’t mean that it is bad for you or any normal working person at all. It’s just the usual media horror stories they try to put into your mind, to make you worried and click the link to their digital articles.

Now you might be wondering how I cannot have the great depression in the 30’s in mind? That depression were caused by stock market. Well. That’s only a one part of the explenation. The rest is the fact that great banks and stock companies gave away a lot of loans to other banks and companies who couldn’t resist to play with other people’s conjour them away. But even if the Stock Market might have a little, little effect on the rest of the economy, it is really nothing to worry about it everything is handled correctly and not based on loans or money that doens’t exist.

So the only argument would in that case be that the Stock market shoudln’t exist. Then we could avoid the depression on the 30’s. But, I like freedom. So I don’t bother people investing in what they want. But please stop panic over a 3 percent downfall on the Stock market. That’s basically as cathastrophal as if I would lose five dollars on the street.

Important about translations


Hello! If you cannot translate a post I’ve made recently, that is probably because I havn’t translated it yet. It could take between a minute til an hour depending on the length of the post. I can just translate the post AFTER publishing it, so the translation will never be available immideately after I’ve published the post in the native language. If you suspect that I’ve forgotten the translation, feel free to contact me and remind me of it.

Script Finished!


Today I completed my novel script! It was 218 pages and 105 thousand words long. Now it’s just the small edits and corrections left before I send the book to some publisher. I also have a little votation for you guys. I would like to structure up my blog scheme a little. Which day of the week would be suitable to add a new post? Please leave an answer in the comment section.

Politik Skit – 14: Die Hard


Jag vet att jag har tagit bort och laddat upp det här klippet väldigt mycket hela tiden, men det är för att jag får så mycket bra idéer till den hela tiden.

Om ni har sjuk humor så är “Politik Skit” en av mina mer dolda sidor av politisk satir som jag lagt upp på Youtube sedan 2014. Det här är det fjortonde avsnittet och det heter: “Die Hard”.

Här kan ni också se alla fjorton avsnitt i min spellista.

Job Issues


It has been some hard days at work lately. On my birthday, on ther 1st of December this year, I and all my colleges at work, will be dismissed. My boss are going to close the candy packing.

But however, he will offer us two choises, continue to work on his other company in Kristianstad, where the work is much much faster and harder, and which require ver early mornings to travel. The other choise is notice of termination, with the opportunity to get unemploy contribution. I chose the second option, due to the fact that I am not fast enough to manage the job i Kristianstad. This hit me hard, but I will get help from my fantastic administrator at the employ department. She works with different companies to find job for me and many other people in the same situation as I am in.

I am very greatful for the time I’ve spent at Solida Logistics and I will miss my collegues and bosses very much. They’ve always been very caring for me and very understanding. I am worried, but I will give it all the last 10 days at work, even if I know I will get unemployed soon. The fact that it happens on my birthday is a bit sad. It’s not a very nice birthday present.

But I hope that I will find a new job as soon as possible. Maybe even a better job. Nobody knows. I will also look at the bright side. Now I will have quite some time att home, off course with less money, but still. I could need this period of recover.

New Notebook


Today I finally got the delivery. A beautiful notebook I ordered from the German company “Gusti Leather”, was delivered today. It is a book of real leather and I think it is just wonderful! However, it’s the wring size, because of me. I don’t understand what B4 stands for. I just understand A4 and A3 and so on. However. Except that, I am satisfied! Gusti Leather makes every kind of leather onkects. Pockets, handbags, notebooks, scetchbooks and pen folders. You should check them out here!

Afraid to Shoot Strangers – Full Iron Maiden Cover with Vocals


I finally recorded the vocals. I have a cold but I still managed to keep the tone at least a little correct. What do you think about it?