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One more Chapter


I am now finished with chapter 18. Now I am on page 160 in my novel. I am very hapy with the story so far and I have even made a little synopsis so I wont get stuck. I wish all of you a great weekend! Bye!


The adventure goes on


I wrote some stuff yesterday on my novel and I think I will continue to do that the rest of this weekend. I’ve tried to do a new map, but I realized that the latest one will forever be the best of them. Now, I have found some new paths in my book and I think I’m more than halfway through. This is where the fun begins.

My Map is now in 4K


Enjoy a little walkaround with my new map, now in 4K format!

The Cartooner Per Åhlin


Here in Sweden, we have all seen his figures. The round, simple and warm figures with funny hats and long potato noses. When we see Per Åhlin’s figures, we recognise the style immideately, even if the picture itself is new to us.

Per Åhlin was born in 1931 in Hofors, Sweden, and is a professional animator of several Swedish films and series. Some of them are vary nostalgic to me.

Every Christmas, it’s not only Donald Duck and his friends that every Swedish family watches on TV. The story of Karl-Bertil Jonsson is shown every Christmas eve at 19:00 in Sweden. The story of the nerdy little rich man’s son Karl-Bertil, who unlawfully steals christmas gifts from rich people and give them to the poor, has been a Swedish TV tradition every Christmas since 1975. It has become a symbol of Swedish solidarity and the true meaning of Christmas.

1974, the movie “Dunderklumpen”, or “Thunderlump” wasa released. I loved the movie when I was a kid. I even played that I was the vilain “One-Eye” and just like he did in the movie, I made fake money and threw out the window. My mother didn’t like it, as you could expect. I also love the message. Thunderlump is a movie about lonelyness. And how people forget the meaning of friendship and start worship money instead. The “Thunderlump” was considered the first Swedish cartoon feature film, but was in fact a mixture of cartoon and live action elements, as you can see in the picture below.

In 1989, one of my favorite children movies, “The Journey to Melonia” was relieased on cinemas. It’s about a the strange exotic island with bizzarre vegetation and fruits, inhabited by the old wizard Prospero and his daughter Miranda. Miranda’s voice was starred by a young Robyn, who is now known as one of the greatest Swedish artists in the world. Anyway, Melonia is the last green and beautiful places in the world. But in the horizon there is another island, Plutonia, an island completely destroyed and poisoned by mecanics, machines and poisonous gases and machines. The vilaines on the island tries to exploit Melonia’s resourses and destroy even that island with their minds of wheels and chimneys. The story is loosely based on William Shakespear’s “The Tempest”. Meet Calliba, a man completely built by vegetables and fruits. When I was a kid, I loved to play that I was him.

Some other additional works by Per Åhlin is “Hundhotellet”, or “The Dog Hotell”, “Dieselråttor och Sjömansmöss” “Diesel rats and Sea mices.” and “In the head of an old man.”

Per Åhlin will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are some snippets of the movies where Per Åhlin did the drawing. I have also added English subtitles to them all. Enjoy!

My Final Map


I made a lot of edits to the map I’ve shown you. Here’s the result. What do you think about it?

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Den Sista Striden – By Love And Anni


Today I finally finished the two year project written by my friend and collaborator Anni Naomi. She has a blog at

“Den Sista Striden” or, “The Last Battle” was originally written by Anni. She wrote the text and the song melody. I added the instruments and recorded my song. So here it is. Enjoy!

Please don’t forget to check out her page at

A project with a friend


Finally I have started to work on a song with my friend Anni, who have a blog at We are creating a metal song together. Anni have written the melody and the lyrics and I will make the instrumental part and record the song to it. It will be much fun. Anni shares everything between earth and sky on her blog. Al from beutiful Selfies, professional nature photographing, lyrics and songs that she’ve made. Both metal, hiphop and other styles. She also writes novels in the same genre as I do. Please follow her and give her some likes and comments. You will not be disappointed.

In the meantime, I have just re-made the book cover. You can see the latest version here.

Idag är en bra dag


Jag är så glad att jag kommit igång både med skrivandet och tecknandet igen. Nu är jag på sidan 106. Det är typ en tredjedel av första boken. Utöver det har jag faktiskt lyckats göra ett genuint bra omslag som de flesta faktiskt har gett positiv feedback på. Nu har jag krupit ner i min säng och skriver lite här och lite där. Jag växlar mellan sociala medier och boken.

Utöver det hade jag tänkt påbörja en ny serie av recensioner, där jag recenserar olika spel eller filmer som betytt mycket för mig genom åren. Nu planerar jag att recensera Turok Evolution och Turok 2008 i en och samma video, där jag jämför de här två spelen. Och ni vet ju vad man brukar säga! Den som väntar på något gott, väntar aldrig för länge.


New Book Cover


Since my latest book cover had a whole lot of issues, I will now start training and change strategy. I will put much more effort to it. Now I have started to combine carbon pencils with watercolor pencils and I must say it was a long time ago I was so satisfied with my drawings. So, here’s the process I’ve made so far. What do you think?