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The Cartooner Per Åhlin

Here in Sweden, we have all seen his figures. The round, simple and warm figures with funny hats and long potato noses. When we see Per Åhlin’s figures, we recognise the style immideately, even if the picture itself is new to us.

Per Åhlin was born in 1931 in Hofors, Sweden, and is a professional animator of several Swedish films and series. Some of them are vary nostalgic to me.

Every Christmas, it’s not only Donald Duck and his friends that every Swedish family watches on TV. The story of Karl-Bertil Jonsson is shown every Christmas eve at 19:00 in Sweden. The story of the nerdy little rich man’s son Karl-Bertil, who unlawfully steals christmas gifts from rich people and give them to the poor, has been a Swedish TV tradition every Christmas since 1975. It has become a symbol of Swedish solidarity and the true meaning of Christmas.

1974, the movie “Dunderklumpen”, or “Thunderlump” wasa released. I loved the movie when I was a kid. I even played that I was the vilain “One-Eye” and just like he did in the movie, I made fake money and threw out the window. My mother didn’t like it, as you could expect. I also love the message. Thunderlump is a movie about lonelyness. And how people forget the meaning of friendship and start worship money instead. The “Thunderlump” was considered the first Swedish cartoon feature film, but was in fact a mixture of cartoon and live action elements, as you can see in the picture below.

In 1989, one of my favorite children movies, “The Journey to Melonia” was relieased on cinemas. It’s about a the strange exotic island with bizzarre vegetation and fruits, inhabited by the old wizard Prospero and his daughter Miranda. Miranda’s voice was starred by a young Robyn, who is now known as one of the greatest Swedish artists in the world. Anyway, Melonia is the last green and beautiful places in the world. But in the horizon there is another island, Plutonia, an island completely destroyed and poisoned by mecanics, machines and poisonous gases and machines. The vilaines on the island tries to exploit Melonia’s resourses and destroy even that island with their minds of wheels and chimneys. The story is loosely based on William Shakespear’s “The Tempest”. Meet Calliba, a man completely built by vegetables and fruits. When I was a kid, I loved to play that I was him.

Some other additional works by Per Åhlin is “Hundhotellet”, or “The Dog Hotell”, “Dieselråttor och Sjömansmöss” “Diesel rats and Sea mices.” and “In the head of an old man.”

Per Åhlin will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are some snippets of the movies where Per Åhlin did the drawing. I have also added English subtitles to them all. Enjoy!

Burlesque Compilation: Part – 2

This is the part 2 of my burlesque compilation. Enjoy! Obs, explicit content!

Game Nostalgia – Episode 1: Turok

This is the first episode of my new series Game Nostalgia. Enjoy one of the shittiest… an most wonderful games throughout history! Turok You can enjoy my review in this video.

Disney Chronology

I’ve put quite an effort into this one. This is a chronology of the Disney Classics I’ve made, with all theDdisney classics in chronological order. later, I actually plan to make a version with higher quality and better sound but for now, this is what you will get. Enjoy!


Rosens Namn (The Name Of The Rose)

Fiinally it’s back in the highest quality ever possible! With both Swedish and English subtitles! The Name Of The Rose!


Politik Skit – Grumliga Vatten

Detta är det avsnitt av Politik Skit som var för brutalt för youtube. OBS. Detta är känslig satir och passar kanske inte för alla.

Mvh Love

Surprise In Reprise

To show my gratefulness for the 1500th like of my Facebook page, I will post a little updated and remastered version of my burlesque-collection videos, where I have collected my favorite burlesque dancers and videos from the world. Unfortunately I have not much more to offer as a surprise, since I have not had time to create something new. Enjoy!

Sven Wollter

Idag fick jag reda på att Sven Wollter hade dött, åttiosex år gammal och smittad av covid-19. En stor svensk filmskådespelare har lämnat oss. Jag är inte så bekant med Sven Wollter. Jag vet bara att han var med i raskens som jag aldrig sett, men det finns en film med Sven Wollter som jag aldrig kommer glömma. Hans insats som den svenska rösten till John Silver i Disney’s “Skattkammarplaneten” från 2002. Skattkammarplaneten är, som ni kanske kan ana, en Steampunk-version av Robert Louice Stevenssons piratroman “Skattkammarön.” Filmen utmärks av sin blandning av 1700-talets piratskepp och piratkläder och framtidens sci-fi-artade rymdäventyr. Här är ett par scener ur Skattkammarplaneten.

Må Sven Wolter vila i frid! Vi kommer alltid minnas honom!

Dinosaurier – Dinosaurs

Jag skulle vilja dela med mig av en intressant dokumentär jag gjort. Musiken och berättarrösten är min egen, men videoklippen är från BBCs dokumentärer “Dinosauriernas Tid”, “Monstrens Tid” och “Odjurens Tid”. Filmer som tillhör min barndom.

Nu tillgängliga med både svensk och engelsk undertext.

I would like to share with you an interesting documentary I’ve made. The music is my own and so is also the narrator. The video sequences are from the BBC documentaries “Walking with Dinosaurs”, “Walking with Monsters” and “Walking with Beasts.” Filmes from my childhood.

Now available with both Swedish and English subtitles.