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Game Nostalgia – Episode 1: Turok


This is the first episode of my new series Game Nostalgia. Enjoy one of the shittiest… an most wonderful games throughout history! Turok You can enjoy my review in this video.

Idag är en bra dag


Jag är så glad att jag kommit igång både med skrivandet och tecknandet igen. Nu är jag på sidan 106. Det är typ en tredjedel av första boken. Utöver det har jag faktiskt lyckats göra ett genuint bra omslag som de flesta faktiskt har gett positiv feedback på. Nu har jag krupit ner i min säng och skriver lite här och lite där. Jag växlar mellan sociala medier och boken.

Utöver det hade jag tänkt påbörja en ny serie av recensioner, där jag recenserar olika spel eller filmer som betytt mycket för mig genom åren. Nu planerar jag att recensera Turok Evolution och Turok 2008 i en och samma video, där jag jämför de här två spelen. Och ni vet ju vad man brukar säga! Den som väntar på något gott, väntar aldrig för länge.


Game Nostalgia – God of War 1, 2 and 3 (Spoilers)


God of War is one of my favourite games, characterized with their epic, monumental and bloody boss battles, the extreme bloody gore and the fantastic graphics. God of War is a fierce and bloody tale about the ancient Greek warrior Kratos, from Sparta. A man who lost everything and became a monster in his search for revenge. I will not tell more, because this three videos is like a short version of the whole God of War trilogy, so you don’t even need to buy the game and play it. Take a look.

Game Nostalgia Part – 6: The Jak And Daxter Trilogy


In 2001 Naughty Dog released the first Jak And Daxter Game for Playstation 2. However, I discovered Jak later and started with Jak II: Renegade from 2003. The Jak franchise has always fascinated me with the worlds, magic and different creatures and environments to explore. In the Jak Franchise, all humans have long, pointed ears for some reason. I guess that’s the main humanoid in that world.

The cool thing with the Jak franchise is the humor, the adult themes and off course that the whole game, just like Skyrim, is one big level, without loading screens. A world that also shifts between day and night, just like Skyrim in fact. That made Jak a game before it’s time. The high tecnologic Scince Fiction tecnology combined with old fantasy themes, is really inspiring and unique.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is the first game in the series from 2001, and takes place in a tropical village with strange houses. It’s a really enjoyable place, actually. Without remembering the story very well, I remembered the different islands, temples and power cells to collect. Jak is a young man who cannot talk, which makes him a bit boring with a lack of characteristics in the first game. His friend Daxter is an annoying and rude figure, that accidently turns into some form of animal in a magic pot of so called Dark Eco. He remains this animal throughout the series. He has a lot of sense of humour and a yet bigger sense to put himself and Jak in danger. Most of all he is a lazy coward and a really funny and annoying character.

The two other games have a more darker theme and are therefore suitable from 12 years and above. The first game was pretty harmless and had a PG limit on 7 years and above. In the two later games, Jak can talk, for a reason you will soon know. It starts with Jak and Daxter accidently teleporting to a dark and grey place called Haven City. Jak is later captured by the Crimson guards and tortured with magic Dark Eco for two years by the leading dictator of Haven City – Baron Praxis. The magic torture changes Jak a little. He starts to talk and is now able to release a dark and powerful rage of Dark Eco, making him furious and his skin blue, his nails sharpened and black and his eyes completely black. When he learn to control this power he is much more powerful against his enemies.

However, Daxter saves Jak from the prison and Jak escapes. He comes out in Haven City – a city in decay, ruled by the terror of the crimson guards and by the tyrant Baron Praxis. Jak decides to join the resistance to get his revenge and kill Baron Praxis once and for all. To do that, he meet a lot of different people and have to complete different missions in and outside the city. Outside the city, the Metal Heads rule. The Metal Heads are a evil race of yellow eyed beasts, with big gems in their heads, that Jak can collect when he kills them. The Metal heads are enemies even to Baron Praxis and the Crimson guards.

In the middle of the Game, Jak discovers that Haven City in fact are Jak And Daxters old homes, destroyed and decayed by machines and the rise of Haven City. This means, that Jak and Daxter have been travelling in time. Yet, Jak have to save himself – a little kid, who actually is Jak as a kid.

In the third Jak game, Jak and Daxter is sent out in the desert to die, but he is later discovered by some caravans, transporting them to a mysterious desert city, where they have to complete different missions. Here are a little view of all three games. Enjoy!

Game Nostalgia – Part 5: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows


Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The vampires, trolls and goblins crawl up from their holes and and the world is covered in darkness. “Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow” was one of my favourite games and still is until this day. In this Japanese game Franchise, we will follow the Belmont Family – who are members of a holy knight order that fight against the dark and evil forces from the pits of hell. Even if this post will focus on “Lords Of Shadow”, I will give you some history of the franchise.

The first game – “Castlevania” wes released in 1986, starring the warrior Simon Belmont, exploring castles and hunting vampires with his vampire killer – a form of crucifix with an internal chain, with a powerful steel mace in the bottom, that he can swing around himself and kill vampires with. The game became very popular and would soon be followed up by several sequells.

Castlevania from 1986.

Each game had it’s own characteristics. In 1999, the first three dimensional Castlevania Game – “Legacy Of Darkness” was released. it was the first game in the franchise that was not in 8-bit mode. These 8-bit games from the 80’s were characterised by it’s pixelated graphics and that you only could go forward och backwards – they were two dimensional.

Legacy of Darkness

Even if the 3D-mode had seen it’s first light in the series, more sequels is the old traditional 2D-style were released. 2003 however, the second 3D sequel – Lament Of Innocence, came out.

Lament Of Innocence

In 2011, I came in contact with the franchise for the first time. The game “Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow” was released. It was a reboot of the old series and the gameplay and graphics were stunning. With it’s hard difficulties and 20 hours of gameplay, this was a fantastic adventure for me. The game takes place in a mythological version of Medieval Europe. We will follow Gabriel Belmont – a knight from The Brotherhood Of Light. He is a bitter man, due to the murder of his beloved wife Marie.

The game is crawling with action, platforming, puzzles and fantastic envirement. It’s combination of horror, fantasy and medieval christian themes, introduced me to the Low Fantasy genre – Fantasy that takes place in our world. Every level contains dead knights on the ground, carrying important scrolls with clues and information on Gabriel’s quest. You will now see a little summary of the game. OBS: It contains spoilers. Beware.

Game Nostalgia Part 4: Turok 2008


Turok Evolution, which I showed you before, was actually a total flop. Acclaim Studios, the producer of five different Turok games since 1997, was closed down after their last Turok game “Turok Evolution” from 2002. The game was so bad, even for that time, but today, everyone want it back on PS4. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter from 1997 and Turok 2: Seeds of evil, have already been remastered for PS3 and 4, with better graphics, but not Turok Evolution. I guess it’s considered to bad to make a re-release.

However the Turok franchise was revived in 2008 by another game company who bought the rights from Acclaim Studios. Turok 2008, was a new game with much better graphics and different storyline from the old games. This time, Turok is not Tal Seth, but an US marine named Joseph Turok, former member of Wolfpack, led by general Kane. But later, Turok broke up with Wolfpack and betrayed Kane. Now he’s a member of the new division – Wisky Company. And their mission is to catch and kill Kane on a different planet. Since Turok worked for Kane before, nobody trusts him. His comrade Slade, voiced by legendary Ron Pearlman, dispices him, since his brother was killed on a mission in Columbia. Slade blame Turok for that.

Turok must prove himself worthy and gather their trust through the game. And they land on a planet full of dinosaurs. Together they have to take themselves through the wild and fight against raptors and a huge T-Rex called “Mama Scarface”. Their mission is to survive this hellhole and catch Kane dead or alive.

Here’s some of the gameplay.

Game Nostalgia – Part 3: Turok Evolution


As promised, one of my first PS2 game, which brings a lot of memories. Turok Evolution is about the Native American Tal Seth, who is teleported from the 1900th century’s America to another universe called “The Lost Land.” In this adventure he have to fight, dinosaurs, sleg troops and other creatures. The slegs are hybrids of dinosaurs and human’s, armed with heavy armour and weapons. Take a look for yourselves.

Nostalgia Part 2: Ratchet And Clank


Ratchet And Clank gotta be one of the most epic sci-fi-games I’ve ever played. For that time, the graphics were astonishing. The rich shortcut dialogs with a lot of comic relief and parody of American Commercial, Ratchet And Clank became a more comedic and at the same time epic Sci-Fi adventure. Ratchet is a lombax and his best friend is a small robot with several gadgets in it’s arsenal. He’s called Clank. This robot talks like a professor, and is in that way a bit autistic in his way. Throughout the game, Clank sits on Ratchets back, making him available to slide through the air by the propeller in Clank’s head and arms.

Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando, was my first Ratchet Game and it went out on Playstation 2 in 2003. This article is all about the second game, not the pilot game from 2002.

Ratchet always explore some new smashing weapons of different sort, leaving each exotic planet in chaos to defeat his enemies. Rocket Launchers, Snipers and chainsaws that bounce from wall to wall, hitting enemies several times, are just some of the devestating inventions in Ratchet’s arsenal. At the same time, the game is none bloody and family friendly. Beside weapons, Ratchet uses gadgets and inventions that open doors with digital puzzels, freezing water to ice, and the opposite, making Ratchet move forward in his mission. The Dadgetron Swingshot is a gun that throws out a hook which makes you able to swing from one place to another in the air. The list continues.

Each planet has it’s own creatures and flora and fauna, and off course some enemies like robots and evil “Thugs 4 Less”. All the planets contains different paths and missions and beside the enemies, there is a lot of puzzles and riddles that you gotta solve with your gadgets to be able to carry on.

I absolutely love the skyrail sessions. These are steel lines in the air you can slide on with your boots. But beware the trains. You have to jump from one rail to another to avoid being smashed by the trains. And off course, there are the magnet boots. You get a bit dissy when the camera is following your perspective, changing it’s angle when you litterally walk on walls and beside roofs. There are several moments of this in the second half of the game.

As the Ratchet And Clank games are both majestic, beautiful and action filled, they are at the same time funny, for both youth and grownups. The shortcut scenes are filled with pop cultural references and makes fun of media and commercial in a typical American way. It’s pretty much like the simpsons in that way. Enjoy the collage I made down below.

Some great Childhood Memories


I am gonna talk a bit about games. And why do not start with a bit naivistic and kind game like Rayman 3 Hoodlom Havoc?

Rayman is this Moomin-like guy in a world that reminds about an LSD-trip, or a child’s fantasy. He have no arms or legs, so his torso, hands and feet are floating in the air, without him Rayman losing them. To be fair though, he’s actually losing his hands in the beginning, so he must find his hands agains and put them back in place. Rayman can spin his ears into a propeller wich makes him slide a short distance in the air.

The villains are the so called Hoodloms – strange Western like creatures with rifles and big cowboy hats. But they are not human, though. More like some ragdolls with their mouths sewed together. You have to fight these guys throughout the whole game.

During the training in the very start of the game, you are not going to fight anything at all, just attacking harmless artificial garden gnomes to learn how to fight. Then things will escalate quickly and you will fight a lot of strange monsters and funny creatures in this game.

Check out the video here! <3