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Ad issues

These news are very good for you, but very bad for me. The following three weeks, at least, ads will not show up on my blog. This due to a tecnical verification issue on Google Adsense. I will be back to inform you when this issue is solved. But this would surely be a good time for all of you to enjoy all of my blog, WITHOUT all these goddamn ads! Isn’t that good?


My old domain

So, apparently, my old domain has now been purchased by a underwear store. It’s nice to see that my old domains that I don’t use anymore has come to use to somebody else, at a quite fair price as well. But don’t confuse with That would be devestating. I don’t want people asking for cheap underwear. Hahaha

Have a nice weekend!

Important about the forms

Due to a little inconvenience with the request forms, I must warn you all. These forms are being used by an infamlous guy on the internet, which I have heard of before.

Yesterday I was contacted by a good person I knew very well, and he used the request form on my blog to order a portrait of him. So I finished this portrait and sent to his email. The next day, he asks why I send this to him. I understood that someone had used the request form to fill out the wrong email adress to a person he didn’t like. I apologised for the mistake and he understood that this wasn’t my fault. He was grateful that I contacted him so he was informed of this.

Therefore, I just want to send out a worning to you all and your relatives and friends. If you get strange notifications from me you havn’t asked about, that is because somebody have contacted me in your name. If I answer this mail, please don’t get angry or something, just write that you don’t remember sending me any request. Then I will understand what’s going on. Believe me, you don’t want to get in touch with this guy. He is dangerous. I know this from other occations.


Good news.

I have some news. They are good for you. And bad for me. From now on, everything is back to normal on my page. You cannot buy anything either from my Facebook store or my shop and you cannot become a member either. I made this decition due to the technical issues I’ve been recieving with Klarna, Stripe, Woocommerce and Paid Memberships pro. So from now on, you can see everything on my blog. No restrictions! Isn’t that good?

Some changes being made

You might be wondering where that burlesque video is? And where all my music is? And where are all my documents? The answer is, they are on my blog, but unfortunately, you will have to pay for them now by your monthly membership subscription. It is not expensive. But this was a decition I had to make, not because I liked it. My economy is a bit harsh at the moment and I will need all the extra money I can get. I am sorry for this and hope that you will enjoy my blog in any case! And, please! Don’t forget to subscribe! There are three levels to choose from. And all pages and posts effected by this levels will be ad free! Cool, eh?

However, this is only a temporary limitation. When my economy is better, I will make everything free again. I promise. Peace!