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First Kill – Orchestral Cover

An orchestral cover I’ve made on “First Kill”, by Swedish Melodeath band Amon Amarth. Enjoy!

The original music video can be found here!

A Great Adventure

This is one of my orchestral songs that I am very satisfied with. Enjoy it!

Rosens Namn (The Name Of The Rose)

Fiinally it’s back in the highest quality ever possible! With both Swedish and English subtitles! The Name Of The Rose!


Politik Skit – Grumliga Vatten

Detta är det avsnitt av Politik Skit som var för brutalt för youtube. OBS. Detta är känslig satir och passar kanske inte för alla.

Mvh Love

Reposting to the old youtube channel

My burlesque-compilation uploaded even to my restored old Youtube-Channel. What do you think about it?

00:00 – 01:52 Channel: Burlesquefest Video: Lydia DeCarllo – The 6th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

01:52 – 03:49 Link: Gabe Duval Video:

03:29 – 05:52 Channel: Loki Asgard Video: ACen 2014 Bubble Pop Burlesque Act VI(w/ Azula)

05:52 – 07:46 Channel: Kenny Hoff Video: 11 Jessabelle Thunder – #WOMANOPOLYSF​ Brunch at Jolene’s Bar 3-1-2020

07:46 – 10:05 Channel: Valentina Orbit Video: Hoop Burlesque Wedding Performance

10:05 – 11:40 Channel: PA Burlesque Festival Video:

11:40 – 13:58 Channel: Burlesquefest Video: Angi B Lovely – The 3rd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

Gaga Compilation

This is my favourite pictures and images of Lady Gaga. She’s so cool! Enjoy!