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By accepting these terms, you agree to follow these guidelines that Love Eliasson and WordPress have provided for their pages

  1. Copyright. All material that I upload is free to use as long as I get credit for it. For commercial use, you must contact me and ask for permission.
  2. Privacy Policy.Wordpress value your integrity. WordPress collects information according to Swedish and European law and Love Eliasson follow these laws.
  3. Comments and posts. This is my blog, and not Facebook. That means that I am legally responsable for everything posted on this page. Racism, hatespeech, threats or incitement is not allowed. Nor is commercial for alcohol, drugs or regulated products of any kind. This might lead to permanent ban or a warning, depending on the circumstances.
  4. Mass posting of annoying spam and commercial is not allowed, nor is links to infected or potentially dangerous sties on the web.
  5. Publishing content you do not own the rights to, is illegal and should be avoided, if you don’t have permission. This excludes links off course.
  6. Political discussions or matters like religion, should be avoided if not necessary.
  7. Be relevant to the pages themes about fantasy, litterature, art, music and stuff like that. Irrelevant or annoying comments will be deleted.

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