• Is political and religious discussions allowed on my blog?
    Yes, but only if it’s related to the topic of the article or post. In my forum you can discuss anytime you want.
  • Why is there explicit content on the blog?
    That is because I have no problem with explicit content. If you wish to be on a more family friendly blog, there are a lot of other sites to visit instead
  • My comment doesn’t show up. What do I do?
    That probably happened because my automatic system identified your comment as spam. It will show up when I’ve checked it and approved it as okay.
  • I have been treated badly by another user?
    If some user is breaking the rules or act disrespectful, you can just provide me with a link so I can take a look. If I consider it serious and against any rule, I will warn or block the user.
  • I can’t see some content even if I’m a member.
    This is an issue that I have noticed with some post. I can fix that very easily if you report it to me.
  • I‘ve paid for a product but the files are corrupt.
    In that case, you can link me the product and I will check if I can fix the broken links and upload new content.
  • How are my personal information treated at the site?
    You can always rely on my blog to be completely safe for all users. I save just some data temporarily to give you the best user experience. I never use it to spread and it’s nobody than me can see it.
  • Can you edit a comment that I have posted?
    Actually, yes. But I will not. I think that is an issue for WordPress and I have been discussing it with their team personally.
  • I am not satisfied with the content of your blog and would like to cancel my subscription.
    If you want to do that, you have to cancel your subscription first. Than you message me about your paypal or swish-number so I can send you a refund. I can also go in by Stripe and send a refund to you from my Stripe-account.
  • Is this blog family friendly?
    No, I would not recommend it for kids under 15 years.
  • Where do I contact you?
    You can either send me a mail at eliassonlove@gmail.com. You can also send me a message via Messenger at https://www.facebook.com/loveeliassonfantasy. You could also use the form here: https://loveeliasson.blog/contact-love-eliasson
  • Could I use some material from the blog?
    Yes you can. It’s free, but you have to link to the original and give me the credit for it.
  • How do I register as a member?
    In the start page, press the tab: “Become a member”, than chose from the different levels with the different prices.
  • Can I cancel my account?
    Off course you can. When you do that, your subscription will be cancelled as well.
  • Will the monthly payment be automatic each month?
    Yes. Each month, the subscription will renew automatically. But you can cancel renewal at any time.
  • Do you provide shipping for physical products?
    No. I will send them to you by mail. But no extra bill will be added. The price is always the same.
  • I want to post an article on your blog. How do I do?
    If you are interested in that, you have to contact me and make a request as a guest blogger. I decide if I decline or accept it.
  • The quality alternatives are not showing up for the video.
    That is because I have only uploaded the video in one quality format.
  • Who is responsible for this blog?
    I, Love Eliasson, am in charge alone with my blog.
  • Do you earn something on your blog?
    Not a single penny. That’s why you don’t need to see any advertising on my blog. I’ve tried to earn money by outomatic ads, but it turned out to slow down the blog, and I only made 3 swedish crowns. So I stopped with that.
  • Have you got any sponsors or affilities?
    No, not at all.
  • Are you a writer?
    No, not yet. But I write on some novels. Yet I haven’t published one.



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