• Is political and religious discussions allowed on my blog?
    Yes, but only if it’s related to the topic of the article or post.
  • Why is there explicit content on the blog?
    That is because I have no problem with explicit content. If you wish to be on a more family friendly blog, there are a lot of other sites to visit instead.
  • My comment doesn’t show up. What do I do?
    That probably happened because my automatic system identified your comment as spam. It will show up when I’ve checked it and approved it as okay.
  • I have been treated badly by another user?
    If some user is breaking the rules or act disrespectful, you can just provide me with a link so I can take a look. If I consider it serious and against any rule, I will warn or block the user.
  • I‘ve paid for a product but the files are corrupt.
    In that case, you can link me the product and I will check if I can fix the broken links and upload new content.
  • How are my personal information treated at the site?
    You can always rely on my blog to be completely safe for all users. I save just some data temporarily to give you the best user experience. I never use it to spread and it’s nobody than me can see it.
  • Can you edit a comment that I have posted?
    Actually, yes. But I will not. I think that is an issue for WordPress and I have been discussing it with their team personally.
  • Is this blog family friendly?
    No, I would not recommend it for kids under 15 years.
  • Where do I contact you?
    You can either send me a mail at eliassonlove@gmail.com. You can also send me a message via Messenger at https://www.facebook.com/loveeliassonfantasy. You could also use the form here: https://loveeliasson.blog/contact-love-eliasson
  • Could I use some material from the blog?
    Yes you can. It’s free, but you have to link to the original and give me the credit for it.
  • Do you provide shipping for physical products?
    Yes. I will send them to you by by post. But no extra bill will be added. The price is always the same.
  • I want to post an article on your blog. How do I do?
    If you are interested in that, you have to contact me and make a request as a guest blogger. I decide if I decline or accept it.
  • The quality alternatives are not showing up for the video.
    That is because I have only uploaded the video in one quality format.
  • Who is responsible for this blog?
    I, Love Eliasson, am in charge alone with my blog.
  • Do you earn something on your blog?
    I’ve started to earn more now, but it’s not much at all.
  • Have you got any sponsors or affilities?
    No, not at all.
  • Are you a writer?
    No, not yet. But I write some novels. Yet I haven’t published one.

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