Job Issues


It has been some hard days at work lately. On my birthday, on ther 1st of December this year, I and all my colleges at work, will be dismissed. My boss are going to close the candy packing.

But however, he will offer us two choises, continue to work on his other company in Kristianstad, where the work is much much faster and harder, and which require ver early mornings to travel. The other choise is notice of termination, with the opportunity to get unemploy contribution. I chose the second option, due to the fact that I am not fast enough to manage the job i Kristianstad. This hit me hard, but I will get help from my fantastic administrator at the employ department. She works with different companies to find job for me and many other people in the same situation as I am in.

I am very greatful for the time I’ve spent at Solida Logistics and I will miss my collegues and bosses very much. They’ve always been very caring for me and very understanding. I am worried, but I will give it all the last 10 days at work, even if I know I will get unemployed soon. The fact that it happens on my birthday is a bit sad. It’s not a very nice birthday present.

But I hope that I will find a new job as soon as possible. Maybe even a better job. Nobody knows. I will also look at the bright side. Now I will have quite some time att home, off course with less money, but still. I could need this period of recover.

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