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Some changes being made

You might be wondering where that burlesque video is? And where all my music is? And where are all my documents? The answer is, they are on my blog, but unfortunately, you will have to pay for them now by your monthly membership subscription. It is not expensive. But this was a decition I had to make, not because I liked it. My economy is a bit harsh at the moment and I will need all the extra money I can get. I am sorry for this and hope that you will enjoy my blog in any case! And, please! Don’t forget to subscribe! There are three levels to choose from. And all pages and posts effected by this levels will be ad free! Cool, eh?

However, this is only a temporary limitation. When my economy is better, I will make everything free again. I promise. Peace!


Av Love Eliasson

Jag heter Love Eliasson och jag är en 26-åring från Skåne som älskar att skriva på mina böcker. En dag hopps jag bli en stor fantasyförfattare. Jag gör även en del musik och teckningar. Allt mellan himmel och jord. Det kommer jag dela med mig av på den här bloggen.