Some great Childhood Memories

I am gonna talk a bit about games. And why do not start with a bit naivistic and kind game like Rayman 3 Hoodlom Havoc?

Rayman is this Moomin-like guy in a world that reminds about an LSD-trip, or a child’s fantasy. He have no arms or legs, so his torso, hands and feet are floating in the air, without him Rayman losing them. To be fair though, he’s actually losing his hands in the beginning, so he must find his hands agains and put them back in place. Rayman can spin his ears into a propeller wich makes him slide a short distance in the air.

The villains are the so called Hoodloms – strange Western like creatures with rifles and big cowboy hats. But they are not human, though. More like some ragdolls with their mouths sewed together. You have to fight these guys throughout the whole game.

During the training in the very start of the game, you are not going to fight anything at all, just attacking harmless artificial garden gnomes to learn how to fight. Then things will escalate quickly and you will fight a lot of strange monsters and funny creatures in this game.

Check out the video here! <3




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