Some old And New Stuff

I found some old images I’ve forgotten to show you. Here they are. From my time in Östra Grevie College. What do you thiink?

And here are a completely new sketch I made at midnight today. I am very satisfied with this one.

I am enjoying the summer and feel that I have finally got peace in my soul after the hypomanic period. Now I am back at work and I work as usual again. Last week was quite bad time at work. I did not work fast enough and had a hard time to concentrate and I was very stressed: Now I seem to recover from that period. I have also been starting to write more on my novel this weekend. Each day I at least make some additional text to the novel. I am at page 9 right now.

Have a great summer, my dear followers and take care! Bye!


Av Love Eliasson

Jag heter Love Eliasson och jag är en 26-åring från Skåne som älskar att skriva på mina böcker. En dag hopps jag bli en stor fantasyförfattare. Jag gör även en del musik och teckningar. Allt mellan himmel och jord. Det kommer jag dela med mig av på den här bloggen.